You should be ashamed of yourself if you are paying full price for a jet ski rental in Ocean City, MD.  There are several rental places located from the inlet to the Route 90 bridge.  Each of these businesses are competing for your money and they love to advertise coupons in publications like the Sunny Day Guide or the Visitors Guide.  You can find these tourism guide books in any hotel, restaurant, and street stand along the eastern shore.  A majority of the jet ski rental businesses are now offering promo codes for booking online reservations!  Let me show you what I discovered during my quest to find the cheapest jet ski rental in Ocean City, MD.

1.)  The early bird, gets the worm.  If you want the best deal in town, you will need to be ready to rent a jet ski at 8AM.  So many people come to the beach to let loose at Seacrets, Macky’s, Fagers Island, or Fish Tales (my personal favorite deck bar in OCMD), that they tend to sleep in a little longer than normal. 🙂  If you can pass up 1 more drink and catch some ZZZZ’s, this would save you $25 OFF your jet ski rental.  Inlet Sea Doos, Paradise Water Sports, and Under the Bridge Watersports offer the first run of the day for $65/HR with a code.  Here is a link to all of the jet ski rental promo codes.

2.)  The more, the merrier!  You can rack up big savings if you have another friend who also wants to rent a jet ski.  Rent 1 Jet Ski.  Get the 2nd Jet Ski Rental at 1/2 Price.  $45 in SAVINGS!  Most of the watersport companies call this special offer a “Combo Deal”.  Please make sure to mention “Combo Deal” while you are making your reservation.  They might not honor the discount after booking.  This discount ranks #2 for cheapest pricing, only $67.50/HR per jet ski.  Please know they typically reserve this offer for special times(9:30A,5P, or Sunset) during the busy months of July and August.  You can probably get this deal anytime during June and September if you ask nicely.

3.)  Short and Sweet!  Are you looking for a 30 minute ride?  Odyssea Watersports will let you rip around for $60 (use the promo code: ODYSSEA to get this rate, normally $70 for the 1/2 hour).  In my opinion, you should spend the extra $5-$10 for another half hour of cruising but hey, it is all about finding the cheapest way to rent a jet ski and this is the cheapest.

4.)  Buddy System!  Let’s say you bought all of your family/friends a round at the bar last night and only have $40 left to spend on your jet ski rental in Ocean City, MD.  Hmmmm.  You woke up at 8A (so you missed the early bird special) and the combo deal is too much for your budget.  How can I make this work?  A jet ski rental price is $90/HR on average in OCMD.  Most of these vendors offer a $15 OFF ANYTIME coupon or promo code. This discount would put you around $75/HR ($79.50 with tax, no extra fees for fuel).  Find a buddy who is willing to ride on the same jet ski and you can each have a blast for $40!

Please share and make sure everyone traveling to Ocean City, MD is now getting the cheapest jet ski rental!